We love making people happy. Here are some things our previous clients have said!

Rochelle Is Amazing!

"Rochelle is amazing! She organized my whole garage in one day. If you would have seen the before you would not have believed the difference. I have wasted so much time looking for things. It is seriously the best thing ever to know where things are and I could not have done it without her (I tried on my own for over 40 years). Best money ever spent. I can’t wait for her to organize my whole house!"

- Heather C.

It Feels Great!

"I moved into my house with 3 children under 4 and I was pregnant with another one! I was never able to really organize and then life just kept happening. Fast forward 7 years--I am so glad I finally allowed to get myself some organizing help! I was beyond embarrassed to have Rochelle come into my home and see my clean but non-functioning home (ONE WHOLE ROOM WAS DEDICATED TO STORAGE!). BUT, Rochelle treated me non-judgmentally and helped me through each room. We started with a home tour. Afterwards, Rochelle provided me with a complete list of ways to make my home more functional and organized. I hired Rochelle to help me with the largest space. It took several hours together but I got a whole room back in return! After working on the specific problem area, I have slowly worked on the rest of the list to get my home back and it feels great! Thanks Rochelle!"

- Wendy W.

Thank You!

"Thank you for taking our dysfunctional office to a streamlined functional office. You improved the flow in office, found a home for all items and brought beauty to the workplace. Now I actually feel productive when I go to work."

- Cinnamon D.

I Am So Amazed!

"I am so amazed at what Rochelle was able to accomplish in the few hours she spent with me in my home. She has such a positive, encouraging and realistic attitude that made me feel comfortable and supported. Now that my biggest problem areas have been tackled, I feel prepared to take on smaller projects around my home, using the skills I learned from Rochelle!"

- Karysa T

I Hired Them Again!

"I first hired More Than Neat to help organize my office/craft room... this was a room in the house that seemed to "collect" all of the extra junk from other rooms. The More Than Neat ladies did such a great job that I hired them again to help with my garage! In both spaces the ladies helped organize things much better than I could have imagined was possible in the space. And several months later, both spaces are still neat and organized... because it was done so well it's now easy to put things back where they belong, and everything truly has a home! I'm so happy with my spaces, and would highly recommend anyone with a large or small space that needs a little "help" to call More Than Neat! Afterward, you'll just ask yourself why you didn't call them sooner!"

- Glory A.

Better Than Therapy!

"I really would have loved to have More Than Neat come into our home and help us get organized, but that wasn't a possibility. But we worked virtual/DIY style and it was awesome! Through initial FaceTime calls, we came up with a plan, and they sent me everything I needed to get started. I never felt alone through the entire process. They were always there to answer any questions I had as I worked on the project and were always there anytime I needed any help! I learned so much too! With their system, my husband and I have been able to go through storage rooms and closets without arguing like we used to - hiring More Than Neat is better than therapy! Ha! For the first time since moving in, I am finally starting to feel settled in our home. I am so grateful!"

- Bianca M.

Efficient, Professional And Fast!

"I found More Than Neat through a friend and THIS SISTER TEAM is amazing! They organized my kitchen, laundry room, and two bathrooms. They were efficient, professional, and fast! I would definitely hire them again!"

- Carrie F.

Fantastic Experience!

"Fantastic experience with More Than Neat. They helped me organize and decorate my laundry room, to look more inviting (other than a heap of clothes and random things dumped on the counter). They fully organized my shelves and labeled everything. The end result was amazing, and "neat", it's been easy to keep organized myself, even now that they're gone. I will be calling them again to do my hallway closet, kitchen, and bathroom organization. I need it desperately!"

- Elisabeth D.