The Process


First, we start with a phone consultation to discuss your goals for the spaces with which you need help. We'll then set up an in person consultation, to see the spaces together and formulate a plan. The in person consultation fee will be credited towards your project rate, should you choose to proceed. 

Whether you have small or large projects, we will work alongside you to customize sessions to fit your needs. Customized plans are also available for clients that prefer to be hands off or DIY. We specialize in customized and designed solutions for each individual client. Turn key service is available for any space. Sessions can include any of the following services: de-cluttering, sorting, shopping for organizing solutions, designing of spaces, donation drop-off, organizing spaces and setting up systems that work for you. 


  • Pantry Organization 

  • Kitchen Organization

  • Closet Organization

  • Laundry Room Organization

  • Bedroom Organization

  • Bathroom Organization

  • Playroom Organization

  • Craft Room Organization

  • Garage Organization

  • Relocation Support

  • Office Organization

  • Paper Management

  • Virtual Organizing

  • Event Speaking

Well Organized Closet
Organized Desk

30 to 60 minute

 in person consultation: $75

(credited towards project rate

if you proceed with services)


Sessions are typically booked at a

3 hour minimum.

$75 hourly rate per organizer applies unless purchasing a package.

12 hour package (5% discount)

18 hour package (10% discount)

30 hour package (15% discount)


48 hour package (20% discount)

Setting up organizational systems that work for you creates a calm environment.  Assigning a home for things and putting them in their place when you are finished with them is a system.  When your environment is calm and systems are followed you can enjoy a structured peaceful environment instead of a disorderly unorganized home.