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Your Craft Room

If you love crafting, it's amazing to have your own space to lose yourself in!  Even better if it is organized well so you can find the supplies you need right away.

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Full Service

We will organize your craft room in a way that will work for you.  First, we come and take measurements and plan out any containers that you will need with your input.  Then we shop and bring the containers to you.  On the day of service, we will sort and categorize your supplies. We will do an audit with you to make sure you want to keep all supplies before finalizing containers. Finally, we will label them in their appropriate containers.  It will be easy to find everything and easy to put it all away!

Storage containers for art and craft


If you want to "Do It Yourself" and just want to get some guidance. We are here for you!  We can coach you over the phone or an in person appointment.  You take measurements and shop and follow the plan we make together for your craft room.

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