What to Do With All the Stuff You Don't Need Anymore

Feeling overwhelmed by the sheer amount of stuff taking up space in your home that you no longer need? You don't have to do it alone. More Than Neat in Sacramento, CA is here to help you organize and declutter your home. We provide professional home organizing services and can help you decide what to do with your unused and unwanted possessions. From donating items to storage solutions, we have the perfect option for you. Learn more below and get in touch with us for a free quote.


Donate: How to Give Back and Help Your Community

Donating your belongings is an excellent way to give back to your community. There are many donation centers and organizations that accept gently used items, such as clothing, toys, and household appliances, to help those in need. This practice not only frees up space in your home but also has a positive impact on your community.


Selling: Turning Your Unwanted Items Into Cash

If you are short on cash or just looking for some extra spending money, selling your unused possessions is the way to go. Selling items like clothing, electronics, and furniture online is a great way to get some cash without having to leave your house.


Recycling: Environmentally-Friendly Disposal Options

Rather than tossing out old electronics, paper, plastic, or glass, there are many recycling options available to you. Many cities have recycling centers where you can drop off items like electronics, batteries, and hazardous waste, or you can opt for curbside recycling services.


Reusing: Creative Ways to Repurpose Your Old Stuff

Before you toss anything out, consider repurposing it. Doing so can help reduce waste and save you money. For example, an old t-shirt can be made into a cleaning rag, or an empty wine bottle can be used as a decorative vase. There are countless ways to repurpose items, and the options are only limited by your creativity.

At More Than Neat, our mission is to help you simplify your life by decluttering and organizing your spaces to make them more than neat. With the information presented here, you should have a better idea of what to do with all your excess belongings. If you need help organizing your spaces, we’re here to help. Contact our team in Sacramento today for professional home-organizing services that fit your needs.

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