Does Physical Clutter cause Emotional Stress?

Clutter represents unfinished things to do. When things are left unfinished it leaves us feeling out of control. It’s like looking at a to-do list that isn’t getting done over and over. It keeps staring you in the face every time you pass it by creating tension and anxiety. A cluttered environment can take an emotional toll on us and feel like a physical weight we are carrying around. Setting up organizational systems that work for you creates a calm environment. Assigning a home for things and putting them in their place when you are finished with them is a system. When your environment is calm and systems are followed you can enjoy a structured peaceful environment instead of a disorderly unorganized home.

Simplifying your space takes a strategy. Moving to a new home, remodeling, having a baby, getting married, taking care of aging parents, health issues in the home, unexpected loss of a loved one means setting up new systems and figuring out the best way to function with the new circumstances. When clutter gets out of control it isn’t about cleaning anymore. It’s about using strategies to set up systems that are long term solutions.

How do you achieve a clutter-free space? Hiring a professional organizer means you find lasting solutions. Professional organizers offer ideal solutions for people who are overwhelmed. With a wealth of experience and the ability to look at your belongings with a neutral eye, a professional can easily take your worst mess and get you organized. The best professional organizers are trustworthy, sensitive and understanding, non-judgemental and good listeners. Good POs will help you define goals ahead of time and keep you on track to achieve them. The process they will take you through involves some or all of these steps: declutter, purge, sort, categorize, contain, and label.

When you call a professional organizer to help with your clutter you can save time and money. Ask yourself these questions. Do you spend too much time looking for things or lose things often? Do you buy things you probably have already but just don’t know where they are? Is there too much paper all over the place or it overflows into areas of your home that it shouldn’t? Do you have food expire because it gets lost in your pantry? Are you an organized person but it has gotten away from you and you can’t seem to get on top of it? Do you work at home but don’t have a designated space for all that entails. Do you want a more designer feel to your organizational solutions?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, a professional organizer may be just what you need.