Paper Management

Paper can easily get out of control without a system set up. Ideally you want to be able to find the piece of paper you need in 15 seconds. Whether you need help in an office or home setting we can get your space functioning  at its best.

White File Folders

Full Service

We will organize your paper in a way that will work for your needs.  First, we come and take measurements and plan out any products needed like binders, files, folders, file boxes, shelving and more. We use your input when making decisions. Then, we shop and bring the supplies needed to you.  On the day of service, we will sort the paper into categories and put into files, binders, or folders depending on what is best for your needs. Labeling is the final step in making sure you can locate anything quickly.


If you want to "Do It Yourself" and just want to get some guidance. We are here for you!  We can coach you over the phone or an in person appointment.  You take measurements and shop and follow the plan we make together for your paper needs.